Keystone Bath Can Install a Walk in Tub at Your Home in the Sewickley, PA, Area

Walk in Tub Sewickley PAA walk in tub can provide seniors and individuals with limited mobility an invaluable sense of freedom and independence when it comes to bathing. For those in Sewickley, Pennsylvania, who could benefit from one of these tubs, turn to the professionals at Keystone Bath. We are a small, locally owned business with a staff of compassionate aging-in-place consultants who will never resort to high-pressure sales tactics, cheesy gimmicks, or other inappropriate methods to make a sale. Instead, our consultants will carefully listen to a customer’s concerns, needs, and budget before offering their professional input.

If you choose to purchase a walk in tub from Keystone Bath, you’ll receive a product that represents the utmost in safety and functionality. Your tub will include:

  • A contoured door latch that can be easily operated with minimal effort
  • Grab bars to provide you with added stability
  • A high capacity faucet that can typically fill a tub in 4-6 minutes, minimizing wait time
  • ADA-compliant seating to provide a comfortable spot to rest
  • Anti-scald technology that will prevent the water from becoming too hot and causing burns

Additionally, you can choose any number of luxurious extras for your tub to create a spa-like experience right in your Sewickley, PA, home. With options for an aromatherapy system, a heated backrest, and air and water jets, you’ll be able to create a tub that is safe, relaxing, and one of a kind.

For more information on how you can have a walk in tub installed at your home in Sewickley, PA, or a surrounding area, contact Keystone Bath today.