Walk in Tub Features: Combining Accessibility and Beauty

Walk in Tub FeaturesAt Keystone Bath, we think that walk in tubs should go beyond the basics in order to provide the bather with as safe and luxurious an experience as possible. That’s why we offer tubs that come with numerous standard features designed to promote safety and comfort, as well as optional features that can create a luxurious and spa-like experience. Some of the features that come standard with all our tubs include:

  • A hand-held shower wand – An optional slider bar can be installed if you want a mounted shower head as well.
  • A high capacity faucet – This faucet can fill up your tub in as little as four minutes, minimizing any waiting time.
  • A low entry seat – At 17” high, our seat meets all ADA requirements, so wheelchair users can easily slide into the tub.
  • A contoured door latch – These are ergonomically designed to be easy to operate even with minimal effort.
  • Grab bars – For enhanced stability and safety when entering and exiting the tub, grab bars are a must-have accessory.
  • A door drain – A door drain will help to prevent any water from spilling onto your floor when exiting the tub.

In addition to these standard safety features, all of the pumps, controllers, and switches exceed the National Recognized Testing Laboratory requirements. All of our tubs also utilize anti-scald technology that prevents the water from running too hot and causing burns. What this means for you is that when you trust Keystone Bath for a walk in tub, you’ll receive one of the safest tubs possible for your home.

Along with our standard features, we offer a multitude of optional upgrades that help make your bath feel like a miniature spa right in your own home. For instance, specially placed air and water jets can deliver a soft or deep tissue massage to soothe aching muscles while a heated backrest provides you with added, comforting warmth. We can even have an aromatherapy system installed on our walk in tubs so your favorite scents can be diffused into the bathwater.

For more information on the vast array of safety features and upgrades that our walk in tubs can be equipped with, contact Keystone Bath today and schedule a free in-home consultation. We proudly sere homeowners in Pittsburgh, PA, and the surrounding areas.